What is clown? That’s a big discussion which I will come back to. It’s a huge subject with various interpretations and applications. I can only talk about what it means to me. So for now I’ll say its about truth, presence, connection and acknowledgement. It’s not about crazy wigs, scary make up and circus tricks… unless that expresses something about who you are. The Native American concept of clown is this…

If you ever faced all directions of yourself at once, you could only laugh at the beauty of your own ridiculousness. (Sue Morrison, Clown through Mask).

A way of life… The blog is called To ‘BE’ a clown because, for me, clown is a way of life. It’s a commitment to live with authenticity, be open, playful, present and to share my humanity and acknowledge others in theirs .

This blog? Is a space to write about clown, share my work and explore what it really means to BE a clown.


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